ohmyword!. Empresa de traducción. Traductores nativos.

Oh My Word! believes in excellence and quality in our work and, above all, we trust our added value in working with professional translators and native speakers of the languages we work with.

Often enough, people ask:

Who is the real competitor?

It could be the thousands of freelance translators, the millions of translation companies all over the world… but, from our stand point, competition lies in quality. It is very common to hear a colleague at work say something like: “Why don’t you ask that guy to do the translation? He spent a summer abroad”.

For Oh My Word, it’s not just a matter of knowing a language or even being a translator…

We are not only translators, but professionals of the language we work with.

We strongly believe that being a native speaker of the language we work with gives way to a good translation. We not only guarantee a true and correct translation and interpretation, but can commit to expert knowledge and proper and fluent use of the language. This results in a reliable and professional end product.

All our collaborators are professionals with a degree in Translation and we believe in working exclusively with native speakers.

In the case of more specialized projects, we have experts from various fields (law, engineering, technology, etc.) that take on a careful revision of our work.

Our interpreters have vast experience and are sworn interpreters by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Melisa Lelliott

Director and Sworn Translator

“As a native speaker, she realized the added value this had in an industry that lacked such skills”

She was born in England, but was fortunate to have lived among different languages and cultures. Her father’s job took her and her family from one point of the world to another, which gave her the opportunity to study and learn surrounded by different people and diverse cultures. This made her career choice very easy. Having been brought up in a bilingual home (her father being English and her mother Argentinian), Translation seemed to be a customized degree and career path. After completing her studies at the American School of Madrid, she went on to do Translation and Interpretation at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and become a Sworn translator by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Several years after working at an important Business School and gaining experience as a freelance Translator, she took the jump and decided to follow her dream of becoming a successful Translator. As a native speaker, she realized the added value this had in a market where finding native translators was rare. That is how Oh My Word! was born.


If you would like to be part of the Oh My Word! team of translators, send us an e-mail with your CV!

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