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Ohmyword! believes in quality, which is why we work with professionals and native speakers with a degree in Translation.

It’s about translating the full meaning of a word.

Translation can be defined as the act of transmitting a text written in a certain language to a different one. A good translation does just that, while communicating the text, following correct grammar, conveying connotations, double meanings and any other elements that gives the text meaning and sense.

To do so, it is important to choose the right translator for the job. It’s not just about translating the words (Google Translate can do that). It’s about giving each word a meaning and sense.

All translation projects, whether big or small, follow the same procedure

Once the client has received and approved the budget

we select the best freelance translator to undertake the project according to the language combination, experience in the topic and availability.

Once the translation is completed,

it is revised by an external expert and a native speaker of the target language to guarantee the best quality in our reach.

We are professionals with great experience in different types of texts:





General writing






Traducciones Juradas

Translations are certified and sealed by Sworn Translators by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sworn translations are usually required for legal proceedings and other necessary formalities

This usually is the case for official documents (DNI, passports, diplomas, etc.) you may need to provide before a public administration, which requires certified translations.

Sworn translations are issued in printed copies with the corresponding seals.

They can be delivered in hand or by certified post and follow the regulations and requirements for such translations.

Below are some examples of common sworn translations:

Identification documents

Academic certificates



Corporate Articles of Association



Powers of attorney

Birth certificates

Certificates issued by authorities (marriage, criminal records, etc.)

Legal proceedings

Medical reports

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